Saturday, November 29, 2014

Re SCS(SCR) Counter

extends the post
probing the switching modes ::
an attempt to extend down the supply range ::
likely an impractical success ::

Saturday, November 22, 2014

1.2V experiment

This shit has survived the output short circuits for so far // the lucky idiot stands for clear current path through PN junctions to ground /!\ the LT Spice seems to overlook such condition !!! and simulates "fine" - as if there were large resistance in series with PN junctions ??? - so you have to pay extra attention your currents will take the realistic values ...

otherwise it's quite stable (* the 11-th v. of this particular) 1.2V supply (i have no scope so you'd like to check it for possible noise) drawing some 6mA - which i find too excessive for 6LF22 so i likely'll convert something out of these for replacement - if they run even close to what they simulate(*) ◄ this one is a design concept and likely has inacceptable dependency both on load and on supply

... so much for supplies - thanks to "1-st" i was able to check the "performance" of the various "discreet" logic inverter concepts ...

and some more (this bullshit editor is really great) i like the 3-transistor 1-s (( but it's tricky to get them generating the Sq.Wv at that current mode // + it'd take a lot of components (to test verify and threshold match e.c. , e.c. ) to get - say - slow A/D converter built from )) - the next comes is 2D+2R base-shunt MP42 v. but it also doesn't want to oscillate too well - the last 1 (the lowermost in the last graph) has only 1 stage built - so i donno about it yet (perhaps i should yet rise it's threshold level before testing the Sq.Wv generator -- otherwise the varying ß may cause problems ... )

/// the graphs are normalized to all meters' average - V.max " = ' = 1.2V ' " - during the measurement - so they contain systematic errors - depending of the set of multi-meters used (likely is the same for the same "type" of inverter)

Monday, November 3, 2014

SCS Counter + SW-d Capacitor Single 1.5V-cell LED Driver

(none of the following is not yet tested in practise - - you have to match the average currents @ critical chains , in case of a failure the grid should be redesigned to lower or higher currents or conceptually redesigned - - there might be some combinations / features - that never work in practice or won't ever work as good as required - that are hard to foresee)

Re-ranging SCS on a different component base ::

"Simple" circuit that suppose to run from single Ag-cell up to AA