Tuesday, October 17, 2017

LM317 component level versus LT317 macro model

about the real things LM317x LT317x

simulation models (Custom against Linear)

a curious thing ↑here↑ is that the CLM(component level model) seems to be more stable than the ↓next↓ macro (more simplified) model

Models about ::


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Low Voltage Constant Current @ ~1V

the two power opting v. are present (Left , 1-st & 2-nd) on all 3, sets for comparison

(A) -- tested using Ge bjt-s but they appear to require relatively high BE voltage to output any significant current -- PS! -- it just might be due to poor spice models -- if not -- the Si ones perform better coz higher ß value !?

(B) -- multi-device experiment ??? -- PS! -- the depletion mode mosfets and their active resistance likely cause a complex regulation curve

(C) -- basic simple . . .