Blogger´s DON´T-s

don't-s ::

do not use <font size="-1">2Bshrinked</font>
►►instead use <span style="font-size:0.8em">2Bshrinked</span>

do not upload images grater than ?? 1280x960 (has worked so far - but it must be reconfirmed)
↑↑ it's 1600 × 1200 pixels as it's proven for now . . .

do not switch multiple-fast in between [Compose][HTML] incase of complex page structure without backing up first -- as ONLINE -- as LOCALLY = 2 copies (of what there already is OK) where
  • OFFLINE copy is -- select HTML view -- copy all to notepad save
  • ONLINE copy is -- save/publish your blog entry -- in case it requires modification -- create a new entry "Entry Name v.2" for example copy your on- or offline code there (to HTML view) -- start your modification ...
►►instead generate your complex page at My Computer + upload it to a site host that does not fuck your content + display it in iframe in blogger (displays 3x 4x times faster compared to directly implementing/including it in the blogger post)

do not use complex javascript -- the main reason is -- it will be ↑slow↑ (also it might hang the page or work not as intended or get F-d in HTML view by "line wrapping" or by "auto optimizer")
►► incase needed proceed as in prev.


do not blog?

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