ИВ-28А static parameters

there is a later experiment data available at 50Hz VFD filament drive test @ Saturday, March 4, 2017

The cool feature about seams to be that the major power draw is done by cathode heating - e.g. - the entire display consumes the same power as 1 & a half segments on the 7-seg LED display

so in a case of 9 digit VFD we have 25mA · 1.2V = 30mW , 25mA
instead of LED display's [25mA·(2/3)] · 7 · 9 · 2.2V = 2.31W , 1.05A it's 77 times more power ???

there are weird connection circuit diagrams in web so here's what i studied . . .

note : : the cathode at 25mA poses the resistance of 48Ω , the 8.5µA is current through a single anode segment if anode voltage is 36V gate voltage 9V and cathode current 25mA . . . blah


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