Monday, October 26, 2015

Common-Emitter versus Op-Amp (prev. follow up)

>>> it's the common head ace with Lo-Pwr signal source - not to kill the signal / - stop the oscillator

CE is more susceptible to supply & Op.-Pnt drift in noisy env. ::

Opa. is all fun to get going (fast, in phase) . . . -- do the right thing ::


  • inverter test concept
  • 2 types of pulse generators
  • 1W chaos from fixed +5V

--- shortly -- i built an intuitive transformer to test the solar battery charger design . . . then i attempted to figure out how to drive it somewhat reasonably ---- the op.-g range for following is unknown ---- not speaking of special design for hi current high fq. pulse transformers F;X F;X F;X

the pulse generators are required everywhere not only solar-battery inverters ... so i revisited an old concept

. . . and figured out sort of a complementary v. for it
v. (A)

v. (B)

. . . and a chaos generator - though quite efficient by simulation
v. (C)


Thursday, October 15, 2015

fuzzy science of extending the range of 3-terminal (fixed) voltage regulator

Bew , here we go  . . .
  • in case of ringing inc C2 then C6 then (C8,C7)
  • R10 , C8 (, R8) -- lobe ass filter
  • R11 , R7 -- Vtg. Div.-r
  • R13 , (R3 , R14) -- Regulation logic
  • (R15 , R17) , (R18 , R19) -- fine tune level shift (enabled by R3 ≠ R14)
  • /!\ There is no SC protection (use fuse or you'll loose your device) /!\
. . . it seems the "std." v. of the above has the same error of apx. ±400µV ---- so i added a secondary error correction

the remaining op amp from ´1366/-7 can be used in a separate supply for opamps or electrical-fuse for short circuit , e.c.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

a Collector load (sc proof) Vtg. Regulator

since the component countfor this bullsh¡t

is higher and it has an error to the range
 of the following (! not built / tested -- but i guess it's not far from it´s actual)

then i guess i gonna get this 1 PCB-d and cased in with an appropriate ( 300+mA @ 10V DC ) transformer , damn it takes long to test out what you actually need and that actually works as designed -- should've brought a random 600÷1000mA 9V SC proof linear reg. such as KA7809

Update !

now more precise v. of the above is available


Friday, October 9, 2015

DB3 tester (practical)

updated my Spice DB3 alternate . . .

. . . the fuzzy thing is -- i donno why it works -- Link to ◄◄ use at your own risk