Monday, May 26, 2014

about Discrete Logic Simulation Specifics

(about: LT Spice analog signal simulation) sometimes adding a dummy LC resonator (AND/OR adjusting the "minimum timestep") improves the fine detail in simulation while sometimes it takes to kill all possible Hi-Fq. src. paths with large enough inductors to avoid "Timestep too small" errors ...

(+ some Discrete Logic Simulation Specifics) there seems to be a strong "INTEGER SYNCHRONICITY" - a programmatic synchronicity - in between the Digital grid and it's driving signals -- such as the fine adjustment of pulse timing parameters can give you drastically different simulation results -- it may occur also important to "RESET/initialize"(electronically) your circuit in very specific way for it to start and keep operating "/!\normally/!\" ◄◄ such is trivia in complex digital designs but here it gets extended with the INT SYNC. + unknown by me the LT-Spice specifics

some (random) Digital TEST-s

(the last is not 100% verified attempt of idiot-proofing the D-trigger)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

custom SBS20 supply TEST

so as noted couple of posts ago the "thing" had not rectified ±5VAC transformer plugged to 9V.DC.IN (initially not my speakers - donno if "they" ever sold such sets F;i) -- after it sever'ly ended up it mal-design it became what seems to be a working instance at least it didn't exploded or anything in 1h test

teh TF (no'the ®) appears to be the "hottest word" here (over 42°C - i wonder if it's a problem , should be cooled , swapped to more powerful 1) . . . otherwise it's quite HUM3 witch the ~AC1 definitely wasn't

... quite a lot of  stuff to pack onto PCB-s & i donno about the thermal nor RFI design techniques - thus must include automated timeout- & therma-l switch-off-s - - - the relay - which me think is most reliable for such - uses apx. the power of the supply -- alternate would be motorized switch - that 'd need autonomous power or there should be more tests to verify  the design's secure enough to be left ON for ages

? ? ? ? i don't remember the ±5VAC had a fuse or anything (! usually the primary is protected with thermal fuse - usually ? not with double ...) - must read some stuff about from www ...

about the Z-up ::
Vtg.-2-bler ► voluntary filter ► supposedly 150mA current limiter (not fully tested) ► 16V voltage limiter ► 2-ry filter ► 9V regulator
-- note: some stuff may be prev. cfg.-s leftover and are not strictly requred by this v.
-- this v. may be not consistent at all possible modes e.g µ-blackouts , ~AC transients ... specific sound input to SBS20 . . . otherwise it seems to draw power LE to 50mA if the VOL is not set above apx 67%


Monday, May 12, 2014

DTL logic visualised

just wanted to see D-trigger in operation - is a 6 stage module - only made 2 so far - enough for the RS trigger

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="480" src="//" width="640">
<!-- (embbed you arse) - another bulls'that causes blogger to hang F! . . . //-->

"WYSIWYG" . . . apx. -- the schematic

 TIMED to apx. match the video
B4 proceeding the 3-rd stage must assembled - each instance must be parametrized for continuity of discreet signal flow - if such is continuous and we get some oscillator running then it's enough to give it a GO - t.m. - the PCB must designed , made , perhaps some sh¡t more - then we run the visualization test - and the resource becomes a spare parts again - t.m. - design a PCB so the components are least affected - really annoying stuff that can be done if you have nothing else to do or need to test some new feature ...


AS IS (as a programmer i always post error-/integrity check my stuff) ::


kui türa munni peale saata siis on tegemist türa-replikaatori ehk munni-kordistiga
► Если петух петух после петух- то он отправляется к репликатору, называется Дик kordistiga
► If the cock the cock after cock-then it is sent to the Replicator, called Dick-kordistiga

если послать хуй нахуй то имеется дело с хуя-умножителем
► Kui saada on nii kuradi palju munn mitmekordistava
► If send is so fucking deal with Dick-multiplier

if to send a dick onto the dick then it is to deal with a dick-multiplier
► Если послать на хуй хуй то это иметь дело с Дик множитель
► Kui saata peale munn türa siis see on tegeleda dick-kordaja


kui türa munni peale saata siis on tegemist türa-replikaatori ehk munni-kordistiga
► когда член член член затем он отправляется после Replicator, или петух-разветвитель
► when dick dick dick then it is sent after the Replicator, or a cock-splitter

если послать хуй нахуй то имеется дело с хуя-умножителем
► Kui saadate munn kurat sa oled tegelevad munn-kordaja
► if you send a dick fuck you're dealing with a dick-multiplier

if to send a dick onto the dick then it is to deal with a dick-multiplier
► если послать член на член, то это дело с хуй-мультипликатора
► kui saata riista peale munn siis on tegeleda munn-kordaja

well it's not too nice example but it shows that if you keep saying things differently  you can get a better translation - we have a proverb that the repeating is the mother of wisdom (it does not exact that the repetitions should be variate)

the 2-ry post err-chk revealed a possible source of confusion:
if we cosider the russian origin of the expression - then as far as i can understand - if you say that alone it means "Here! see (go ... dis-/nuts)" but if you're sent to then it goes to heuristics meaning either what was said with the "Go, ..." prefix or then it's a platform spec. - the meaning likely stays the same , the subj. varies enabling the phrase use in multiple situations - universalisation - it's unconventional but possible to build a self educating/training translator - that eventually can grasp the context - must i do it for you (web programmers) - perhaps i should be you - and why you are needed then . . . F'he translator - we don't have web pages printing correctly - nor even displaying - and the last bug is on specific generated by web editors (there gonna be a mess if i switch to a Compose view from HTML and my <dir style="compact"> - tag won't display as it still did a decade ago(. . . is there anything you actually can do - g.d. "programmers"))

. . . ha! there's that estonian saying "what (kind of) the comb (that) is" -- it derives from a joke or a myth that folks can comb themselves stupid - stimulates a head circulation - ? not so much -- anyway then the feature/result - a mess - is assigned/transferred from head to voluntary target X such as FF-browser in this particular instance - simple as that

about (over-specification): whats the point of reading something when you don't understand it

note for web developers :: similar attracts similar - while your thing is a piece of bullsh¡t ... trivia.
Have a nice day!

re-no posts

... well it seems the FF was updating - i donno there's constant problems with Google such as youtube, blogger, Plus, you name it - so it might have been either or both in symbiosis causing the prev. blogger hang - not my job - i just try to pass some typos here :p

so while i didn't ::

(2) a 12V demo TTL stage
(3) 6V 2.7A supply dev.
(4) a TEST suply dev
(5) UV-LED LDO supply develpment , (1) improved the TF matching on a go , (2) reached a barely working instance of (5) after multiple REAL WORLD tests and redesigns (the cause of the prev. A_L_E_R_T post)

(6) 9V Creative 2x Spk supply (it's amazing it vas fed directly from ~5VAC adapter - 0 to 10V peak - peak - had a real nasty hum B-coz of F;Y) - same as prev. - reached a working instance - but some features not necessary - so re-designed:
(7) ++ TF-1k14mW8k66mV131mA-TEST-03.asc (not yet been built) :: some dev. stages:
(a) ~38VAC►Filter►near 16V shunting reg.►Filter with 16V Lytes►9V LDO
(b) ~38VAC►Filter►near 16V LDO based on LM78L12.►Filter with 16V Lytes►9V LDO -- both the 2 resistor Vout extention scheme AND TL431 VoXs showed nasty dependency on Vin - so this design was discarded
(c) ~38VAC►Filter►near 16V LDO based on analog.(from)►Filter►9V LDO ...

(8) not directly simulation stuff + other stuff (outside the scope of this blog)

Fig. 4 (7):
/!\ -- the 16V pre-conditioner has NOT been built in practice yet -- /!\it's quite likely i've 2-Z some shunting resistance before and after the 317 to keep the pre-voltage below 36V at no load . . . why not22 so @ the 1-st place - is B-coz we won't learn anything then


(panic, panic ... yes ^-_^)

ok , ' just ran through several issues where the most of the time (>> 90% <<) the SPICE can be used O_N_L_Y as an illustrative guide to a T_E_S_T - Z-Up and only in (>> 10% <<) real world ciruits will match the model ← ←   ←      ← r_e_a_d___a_g_a_i_n //// fast/lo-credit correction :: there are 60% "interesting" simulations , 29% conceptually right , 9% matching/numerically right , 2% simulations that in real work a lot better (or does not simulate at all J-Fet oscillator, BJT-zener e.c. )


SINCE (sh­¡t CAPS LOCK's ON (now off)) i'ven't updating my B-log (why it's a B-log (must read some wiki)) 4A while - NEXT the Sum' of what i've B-n B-Z with ::


(1) KP538YH3A
(2) CCIL-dev_E0_L1_SPFL-LdBp.asc    **    CCIL_RLX_NOT1.asc    **    CCIL-dev_E0_RLX_CK3A.asc DEMO
(3) 6VAdpt    ZHN28-12W20V628mA_TEST-01.asc    **    VtgRefSer4221. TF-Adj
(4) TEST spl    TF-3W15V209mA-TEST-01.asc
(5) UV-LED    (1) VtgRefSer4221.    (2) TF-1k14mW8k66mV131mA-TEST-01.asc
(6) 9V Creative 2x Spk
(7) ++ TF-1k14mW8k66mV131mA-TEST-03.asc

(1) started mapping the chip (as i decided @ 1 of the previous posts - my schedule is super flexy - some prj. are still pending that got introduced at t he age 12...14 - muhahaa e.g. i should make the scale model of the -
(on ikka) türa , нахуй , ma ei saa aru mis kamm on ← kui Opera on lahti siis blogger FF-s hangub ? täna ei teegi tööd või (alati on mingi pask selle googliga ... aga minge ise persse ) ►bing►
(is still), Dick, нахуй, I do not understand what the comb is if Opera is loose then the blogger's FF-s freezes? Today, the work of the library or not (there are always some shit with this googliga ... but, go fuck yourself) ►re-engrish►((unspecified) still is a) dick , !correct XD , if Opera is open the blogger in FF freezes? won't (unspecified ussumed we) do any work today (F;i basically correct ... but, you go fuck u'rs'lf)
- HMS Beagle )

... such is exactly why i cancelled my multiple past accounts in multiple domains - it just becomes impossible to write even two single words without any problems - i go drink my cooled tea - if it feels any better we'll put some sh¡t up here ...

Hi! , Bye!