Thursday, December 18, 2014

1.2V Emergency Light Revisited

i've built several of these bullsh¡t -- the only one that seems to function fine not been taken back appart to spares -- it goes from 1 AAA about 24h , perhaps more , then simultaneously restarts at low battery after being "mute" at some 36h after initial 24+h time of operation , then it works barely visible next 24+h - - i guess (for obvious reasons i haven't just sat and watched what it exactly does) -- the grid :: (R2 here is to match the BC847 to a real KT315 ) the measured operational data :: avg. 1.4415V (40...50 assume) 47mA @ input terminals , avg. 5585mV(28.5...28.7mV @ 10.3Ω res. = ) 2.7767mA @ "High" voltage terminals - gives us apx. 22.3% efficiency in NRG2NRG and 11.2% efficiency in NRG2Light --- the blue light being well detectable gives here the effect of "successful" design (& sh¡t ...)                 ... so revisited v. :: ◄ that thing matches the real "GO" better than the previous simulation -- apx. measured / derived operational data :: 1.472V ~47mA @ input terminals , 8.37V 4.59mA @ "High" voltage terminals - gives us apx. 55.5% efficiency in NRG2NRG and 27.8% efficiency in NRG2Light --- there is no experimental data yet about the responce to an input power variation (just wanted to verify such works)

Confirming that the "guess" value used for inductor in the last DC-DC converter does not fall too far from the actual 1 ... ◄ about
xSpiceComputed-!- Error
Inductance60µH76µH68µH ± 12%
21mΩ30mΩ ± 30%

* -- assumed / defaulted to - diameter 0.1mm* (corrected for 0.5mm)
-!- -- the error is given so because there's no data about the real values (should be derived experimentally)

some changes :: ... usually there's not enough power to push the power transistor ...

(Added 2015-01-10) LTSpice Src ...


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Switching TEST draft

Blah , i don't get the sh¡t ...
... U can't use N avalanche FET coz it ?? closes impossibly slow (kills efficiency) ... ... so increasing the fq. enables smaller steps less output waving . . . but also requires higher power driving (less efficiency) ... + THAT cfg./concept does not like inductors

1.2V inverter again

The goal :: is to define / design a low power logic for abstract use in powering by "empty" 1.2V batteries

In common the loaded 1.2÷1.5V battery keeps it's terminal voltage above 1.0V , internal resistance - fresh ... "empty" 250÷500mΩ ... 750÷1250mΩ (varies more by battery type and less by manufacturer -- should be measured for specific application)

If the internal resistance goes beyond "1250"mΩ (very apx. value for critical Lim.) it starts rising fast and also the battery's unloaded terminal voltage starts to drop significantly dn2 0.9÷0.8V (◄ below that the battery can be used as - say a 1 minute - to load the capacitor to 550÷770mV and then switch that charge somewhere)

So the secondary use for batteries can be the "central" "dropping voltage" mode - unloaded terminal voltage 1.13 ... 1.0 V output current 20 ... 1mA - thus - the supplied power 23 ... 1.0 mW . . . so if you "define" a mW application such can still work several hours

Back to inverter - the graphs. ::

about ::
  • The simulation is verified for 0.9 to 1.9V to be operating as expected
  • It is normal to expect for the fast counters not to go over the 1-10th of their simulation frequency
  • It is also normal to expect they wont go at any frequency (coz the collector resistance , output load capacity , other ...)
  • ... otherwise it'll draw some 14µW at 1.2V UCC - in other words - ! 1mW supply can push 1000 : 14 = 71 inverters OR 35 RS-triggers (/ D-triggers) OR 12 C-triggers (a 12 stage counter/divider) ►►
  • ►► since you have to select the similar-ß BJT-s and to tune 3-shold for each inverter - then - it's impractical to build anything based on components that inverter's TEST prototype here has

▲▲ the entire bullsh¡t is required to pre-calibrate my system before an attenpt to do something with something2 called "Electric VLSI Design System" -- so as i proceed in an unusual way - the 'log 's provided in case any sub-grid of this insanity 'd B a pt. of interest . . . 3,2,1,OFF

Monday, December 1, 2014

RS-3-ger counter

as teh prev.(post's SCS) does not like the 1.2V we've 2 2 the dev. steps 1-ce again ::

uses/tech. 2N3904 1N4148

about -- -- an area to collate the "science" on