Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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. . . "See on täiesti debiilne sündmus ju ?"  ◄ the 1-st conceptual tought after "Wow,wow"

Saturday, March 7, 2015

using 1N4148-s as capacitors

Small 1.2V 140kHz oscillator ::
the grid has not been especially optimized nor made stable against any power-,load-,temperature changes - nor has there been any real world tests of this particular grid (the feature however showed up in a real-world microbe-hour blocking oscillator circuit where the double reversed pulse-diode (not the pulse recovery diode) - capacitors were used)
note. ① the 1N4148 is a pulse-diode ② the diodes that showed the capacitor effect were also pulse diodes but for lower frequency & power & with higher junction (dynamic-)capacity ③ there is no registered (by me) real-world occurrence for the 1N4148-s' acting as capacitors ))

the common cathode -►|◄- cfg. seems to be better than the common anode |◄-►| one , the circuit on the above figure uses the 3-ple diode -►|◄-►| capacitor - that was used prev.-ly in conjunction with quartz resonator (simulation) - in order to minimize external effects reaching the quartz. (see note )

about ::

3-ple diodes ▲

2-ble diodes ▲. . . ? no difference ? . . . ? metal[to]P is same as metal[to]N . . . ? as mean carrier density near the barrier ? or then that model makes no difference

2-ble BJT ▲

Thursday, March 5, 2015

yet another constant current source

32768kHz Qz. Resonator Osc. test/dev.

shortly i need to build a fq. counter coz the 1 built in in KYORITSU KEW1018 . . . "is not too fun to go"
to conduct some IR Comm and other strobed-LED experiments

for that we need a time setting oscillator that's fq. can be fine tuned . . . dev. snap-sh's

the LM4250 or К(Р)1407УД2 (actually what i got) seems to be a tricky thing to set up right - it'll take a number of real world tests before an attempt to connect it to anywhere ...

blah blah blah . . .

there's some shit with setting up the LM4250 model ::
.cir - file :: LM4250.cir ◄ .include LM4250.cir
.asy - file :: LM4250_NS.asy ◄ [F2] or Insert New Component
Component - Value :: LM4250/NS ◄ . . . the 3-rd variant of naming your LM4250

2015-08-17 :: the LM4250/KP1407yg2 is actually quite easy to use (you only have to pre-balance/-offset it) if you use a component level model