Monday, August 17, 2015

another 32768cps osc.

the resistor values can be varied** from R.c ~50k(perhaps less) ÷ 4M Ω , increasing the X-Tal coupling capacities (keep Qz→Base > Qz←Collector better result in most cases) boosts startup also degrades waveforms , increasing R.e shunting capacities gives better fq. responce below the target fq. (it likely dosent boost startup) , adding C-R chain from base to ground kills some unwanted amplification ? improves waveforms especially I.qz ? adjusts/stabilizes the osc.fq. (it takes a lot of playing around to specify the type of oscillator better - i just found such frustrating at this time) -- the main point -- it uses trivial & flexy range of capacities !!! ((if you dont much change the C8,9,2 - the operating power / other component values  - can be widely modified**))

the prev. v.-s ::
32768kHz Qz-resonator osc. test-dev.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Random experiments

Opto. usage (digital mode) ::

Sqr.Root circuit ::

Variable Frequency osc.

Active Negative Resistor circuit (src. modified)


Thursday, August 6, 2015

F;x "nothing to do"

LT1635 . . . to be honest - i donno what2-2 with that stuff . . .

. . . i guess i got it better this time than previously

feel free to dump or redesign
 don't feel too 4 however ::x

? . . . R10,13,11 -- a linearization attempt for - supposing - the shunting regulator -- the built in reference can be slightly improved to have no front nor trailing peaks/ringing and to have better supply rejection (by special external network) which i banned however coz it made it's response slower (and it's not so important if stable supply is provided)

?? . . . ??? if i recall right the reference can't be immediately fed to op-amp (causes problems) -- and the op-amp itself tries to start ringing in all possible ways (nothing special -- it just has a narrow conditions for "normal" ?? opreation , baah . . .)

??? . . . i guess the trivial use of this stuff is that you set your reference to 0÷Vs and simply amplify this by op-amp to have ±9(/10)mA voltage source/-reference . . . it seems i've missed that sentence "The reference and buffer combine to achieve a drift of 30ppm/°C, a line regulation of 20ppm/V and a load regulation of 150ppm/mA." . . . ±10mA → max.±6.75mV for 9V Vs.TOT . . . ??? the simulation is typically 10÷1000x better than the actual thing ±15µV → ±15mV =sum. somewhat credible . . .

[end of that bullshit]

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

custom 1.2V logic "ser.-s" revised

what was revised ::
(( not too very good as seen from ))

what we got ::
(( an inverter + additional schmitt 3-ger ))
(( always fun to test new oscillators ... ))
(( basic , simple ))
(( X-Tal type ))