Friday, May 22, 2015

Two random voltage regulators (practical)

a pre-conditioner (the 1-st of 2) for 9V linear reg. amazingly falls to that 10% of circuits that GO as they simulate !

an error-trial fast compile of the 9V from 12.8V - even more amazingly the circuit falls to that 2% of circuits that actually GO better than they simulate -- this 1 has 2...3mV output change on load variation -- donno what happens if we vary the input . . . likely the bias increases decreases along the resulting unspec. change for V.out . . . not tested -- the russian KT815 mounted on about (both sides tot.) 1²' (1side tot.) ½²' heatsink (that seems to be sufficient for <avg.100mA <peak.240mA I.out)


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Experimenters fun

is making these . . .
durable reusable relatively high conductive connectors(wires) . . .
. . . this time for replacing a TF in a practical flasher circuit

passed couple of miss references :: the one that is unknown is I.out and is about 30mA per LED -- the curious stuff is that if you monitor the circuit through multimeter 10A ranges you get the efficiency reading about 33 to 44 % -- if you remove output Amp.-m the U.out climbs to 2.881 , indicating what is shown (the 84% efficiency) -- and this is really weird ???
+ the R3 is in real bit above 170Ω (the simulation uses the ZTX1048A in place of MJE13005 -- there is a reason to do so & BC847C in place of its Russia´s analogue)
++ the transformer is rewinded on a a faulted HV coil LCD back-light feed adapter´s from Scanvægt´s 8362 from past century XD muhahaa - took several weeks to solve the glue off (in principle with a paint remover) the TF . . . F;T it can be re-used . . .


Thursday, May 14, 2015

microbe hour DTL + (extends prev.)

as the task has been to def. simple(to build) yet reliable logic base that'd operate in A(A(A)) life cycle (voltage range 1.46(1.57) dn2 1.0V (after that the battery is usually empty and can't be used for extended operation as it fast drops it's voltage) but including the NiMH the range is somewhat 0.8 to 1.6 V) i continuously 're interested in every sh¡t that looks like it

... so the "predecessor" of the one shown in prev. post

 /!\ the above is Spice simulation - i doubt the inverter gets into that speed in real /!\

the real inverters XS & UN "series" compared - static I/O dependency is shown (the output load is voltmeter only)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

practical 'ow 'er logic test

needed a 1:10 duty oscillator - so i revised/-studied/-tested some trivial generator types . . . the schmitt-inverter showed up a fairly good properties for design target (power levels indication) - more over the inverter passed the basic logic test without any modifications (this is like something extraordinary)

and the schmitt+inverter itself with SB captured 2-ch scope diagram through 1nF+3.6kΩ decoupler-probes

if you remove the 15pF capacitor and add input diode pairs you'll have a set of 7µA NAND-s