Thursday, May 21, 2015

Experimenters fun

is making these . . .
durable reusable relatively high conductive connectors(wires) . . .
. . . this time for replacing a TF in a practical flasher circuit

passed couple of miss references :: the one that is unknown is I.out and is about 30mA per LED -- the curious stuff is that if you monitor the circuit through multimeter 10A ranges you get the efficiency reading about 33 to 44 % -- if you remove output Amp.-m the U.out climbs to 2.881 , indicating what is shown (the 84% efficiency) -- and this is really weird ???
+ the R3 is in real bit above 170Ω (the simulation uses the ZTX1048A in place of MJE13005 -- there is a reason to do so & BC847C in place of its Russia´s analogue)
++ the transformer is rewinded on a a faulted HV coil LCD back-light feed adapter´s from Scanvægt´s 8362 from past century XD muhahaa - took several weeks to solve the glue off (in principle with a paint remover) the TF . . . F;T it can be re-used . . .


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