LED-s´ spec.-s

performed a fast diode lab ( for what kind of supply to use for UV-LED-s + specs. 4 some extra LED-s) ::

  1. !Typo -- the 1-st 3 OSPW511P should be OSPW5111P
  2. Some of these are specified to have IFCONTINUOUS.MAX = 20mA /!\
  3. For the lower graphs of red and green 2x5mm -- i cant be fully sure that the given model names are the actual ones

past experiments to create a mathematical model for some LED-s

the dUA plots the ΔULED/Δln(ILED) for a particular OSPG5111P (525nm) LED and has it´s local maximum apx. where the ΔILED(cd)/ΔILED(A) would have e.g. where each next increment in LED current won´t add greater amount of the visible band photons to already present light flux than the previous current increment did -- this value of current for "optimum" light flux is somewhere between 14 ... 18 mA for most average power LED-s


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