About this Blog

1-st there 're mostly test and experiments - for example - to verify or study certain ideas / features / behavior of the circuit parts that/which may not be strictly related to application in what it's done


the somewhat universal circuit appears to be a power supply - that usually involves misc. features - such as the random feedback chains , current and voltage sources , power amplifier + random other controls -- so -- the primary cause of presenting a "new one" here may be the requirement for testing any new concept of any of the mentioned parts of it - where the PSU just gives a compare/evaluation point for the features´ "on circuit-"/bound behavior

So the Blog here does not provide any ready solutions but the simulations / setups that do require a further study and revision before adapted to any real applications

About Simulators / LT Spice ::

► Most of the time (90%) the SPICE can be used O_N_L_Y as an illustrative guide 4A TEST Z up and only the 10% of the real world circuits´ll match the model ← ← ← ← read again • There are 60% "interesting" , 29% conceptually right , 9% matching / numerically-right , 2% such simulations that in real work a lot better ◄

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