Thursday, February 11, 2016

found fixed LM324 *component level model bug

i was sampling the VINP incorrect in CLM* dev. module and sure it didn't let the model to be set to make any sense #¤&%!!#!&!%¤/" . . . ok,

-- i especially minimized the (x324x CLM's) offset error but the next test shows it's having the largest one (there might be some known causes to it that i'm not up to check out now . . . ) . . . it also might mean the bias "normalizing" is not what it suppose to in this comparative test (see also: more OpAmp-s compared) ::

it's worth to note that although the .CIR models are more simple and (?suppose to be?) faster than the CLM* (.asc subcircuit) -- then my practice shows they actually complicate and/or slow down the simulation?


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