Thursday, February 2, 2017

LM308 macro model substitute

my component level models perform basically the same while .cir model doesnot quite get "there" (what's expected)

googling for substitutes didn't revealed any credible results so - going to error~trial ...

the following figure sows a TOP - dn list of most possible substitutes for the LM308

although the LTC1047 looks a better match by gain curve - then after reading the datasheets of the bad boy (LM308) itself and it's other 3 top substitute candidates the LT1366 seems to be preferred coz LTC1047 needs extra feedback capacitors and LT1880 is referred to as super ß Op Amp (the input sensitivity of such may be a likely source to some instability . . . maybe . . . . . . . . . the LM308 is supposedly not so calm as it's macro-model lets it show ???) - so the LM1366 may be too calm coz it's internal capacitors maybe not - anyway it performs near excellent at the following quick check !

semi theoretical - mathematical application test ...
-- just a quick pileup from scratch -- to get some idea of it's behavior / performance (if it's a right chip for the task and/or substituting . . .)


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