Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Couple of more Schmitt's

the following circuit is actually an incomplete design halted in the middle ,
surprisingly it appears to work as is in a quite wide supply range ???

this is the latest 1.2V v.
PS! -- what makes it exhaustively tedious to make any sense for unregulated or non-pre-conditioned single battery operation  are the BE CE voltage drops
e.g. the normal operating range for Si-BJT-s starts from somewhere at
( 1.2V !!! ... 1.26V ... 1.53V ... ) more likely above 1.86V
 - actually it's combining 3 different oprating ranges and optimizing these with 3 extra limitations
► <1.1V , 1.1 to 1.53...1.86V , above 1.53...1.86V
► + adding to this -- optimize the number of components (budget)
► ++ adding to this -- optimize the power (budget)
► +++ adding to this -- maximize the frequency bandwith (capable from static DC to HF operation)

near static I/O correspondence at operation from 1.2V supply


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