Tuesday, April 25, 2017

about 6F22

i was wasting some half a day to find out the max. safe discharge current rate for carbon zinc type
there was no such data avail.
-- so i had to make a best guess about

a fuzzy logic follows ::

it is statistical nonsense but since i had no other data avail than GP-s datasheet then what it seems / was assumed is that the average drain over longer time is somewhat constant . . .

. . . so if you want to design an application that uses 9V C-Zn battery then something optimal value is 12mA or below -- that is -- if it is to work 24/7

( it is amazing that we don't have that value available -- if you overload the battery it gonna heat up that first boosts the chemical reaction but likely roughly over 40°C (104°F) it starts to damage internal chemistry further on there might be acid or alkaline leak or explosion or even fire when Li-ion gets in contact with oxygen -- so all such totally insignificant stuff no one needs to know exactly -- especially the EE app. designers )


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