Thursday, November 30, 2017

4-bit DAC and ADC test

src ::


?? -- sounds "fun"

best guess :: The Pipelined ADC-s

src::not found at web

apx. guess of the ADC circuit layout and biasing resistors

related ::

base/radix 3 ver. :: uses the same amount of ic-s per cascade -- but has "exponentially" higher resolution

↑ the radix 3 output can be converted to binary by summers -- for example ↑
something similar found at www ::

at the sown  ADC-s when switched to 5V single supply and the CMOS comparators and op amp-s -- the least can be extended with 74HC125 or ↓ 74HC126 ↓ (to gain the OC OE functionality of LM311) . . . in other words by these changes the circuit can be made faster

CMOS Radix-3 :: 2.5x faster than a "slow" LM324

↑ there's some optimistic 2.5µs read window ↑ to stay at the precision of the shown 0 to 26 e.g. 27 level of quantization . . .

As a target of these tests -- i attempted to find suitable ADC - DAC combination to set up a successive approximation ADC
  • as by adding cascades to shown cascaded(/pipelined) ADC-s -- the transition delay to LSB-s increases -- they don't much improve the final conversion speed
  • basically the cascaded converters are a "Static SAR DAC" variants -- the SA delay still remains
  • i must rethink the concept here
    • -- either should use a parallel converter
    • or try to incorporate/integrate a differential approach


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