Thursday, February 15, 2018

Yet a next attempt to make sense of the LM301

tThe experiment . . . adapted from :: National Semiconductor Corporation , SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics , Linear Technology Corporation , . . .

Still performing some 10x 5x worse than the d/s suggests . . .
-- but there is improvement since the prev. TEST

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"Stage 2" ::
(compare → ←) the offset and operation of amplifying cfg. is unreasonably critical to R26 value -- if this is to be "normal" then tuning the real Item to work does not pay off using it instead of LM358 etc. + it's gain seems to vanish fast at higher frequencies (at transient pass even when driven to 10k load ??????) . . . as already said this thing only reacts on control currents R29,-6,10,12,3 -- even if i succeed to match this to d/s ?? will the real thing ever perform that good (not mentioning the wrong/misleading/"of a zero help" schematic diagrams on d/s-s) ... it is better to make your own poor op amp that you know how to tune than keep guessing what this thing suppose to be , how it suppose to perform/work , did it work in a first place (as in a sense of today's op amps)

"Stage 2.a" ::
-- the prev. "Setup" even verifies for 25kHz 12 to 42 V tot supply ???


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