Monday, March 19, 2018

testing out the custom xx78L05xxx variant

amazingly -- worked from scratch -- no matter the blind guessed j-Fet and Zener values and much randomly chosen 2N2222 and 2N2907 for "tech."

but the OUTP voltage little drifts with INP voltage and the fold-back (from140mA) starts to work from 14V external supply ( ? wrong zeners . . . )

the model is currently adjusted to 5.0V at Abs.Max 35.0V input

as usual the component level model (78L05) is more stable than the .cir net-list model ( LT1761-5 )

NB! Not all the plotted parameters are relevant/consistent with the ↑↑ shown test
(they are relics from another grid that was used as a draft for these ones)

"Level 2" ::

. . . with custom LM324 CLM ( Component Level Model ) (( which i also needed to test ))

This is why the net-list models are not good at complex circuits ↓↓ (i actually didn't expect to get it "stable" . . .)


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