Tuesday, August 7, 2018

µA776/LM4250/LM301 models comparison

differential Sine ::

Note : the max.input voltage range is limited to the half of the half of total supply by common mode variation (e.g. in single sine input the value may be higher !!!)

 µA776 against LM4250 differential Pulse ::

 К(Р)1407УД2 against LM4250 differential Pulse ::

 К(Р)157УД2 against LM301 differential Pulse ::

NB! -- why there is no Spice models to download here is because i'm not the Spice model factory -- i would rather download these from internet - if there were any - 8 billion people - a lot of Spice users . . . no any g.d. models !!!

mine are not that good that you'd know where or whether to use them and how much or when to trust them -- i don't want to populate chaos ... (there likely is an email somewhere and a comment area if you think you need any)


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