Thursday, March 17, 2016

Custom eXperimental 0.6 ... 1.6 V inverter

From back to forth --

32k768 Qz Driver ::

the interesting thing about this X-tal pusher is that the 1 single inverter most likely has a sufficient gain and speed to manage the task (if it's already oscillating) but using uneven no. of gates (1,3 were tested) and increasing the +feedback the oscillations start ubruptly at 100x to 300x higher fq. than the one of the quartz -- otherwise the quartz won't get into phase lock with feedback and thus won't collect the energy for start up ???
-- however the shown - an even no. of gates - v. has quite flexible tuning range where everywhere the oscillations do start e.g. the quartz gets phase locked with feedback and starts storing the energy . . . this is the first time i encounter such . . . curious ?

AA(AAA) behavior/capabilities ::

. . . simple things are complex to design ::


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