Saturday, March 19, 2016

Custom eXperimental 0.7 ... 1.9 V DTL

a.k.a. "Math Test" ::

about What?

2N3906 2N3904 1N4147

Speed test ::

for those superstitious* - i don't have time to play ← this ← *game - although there are certain numbers that i like more than some others for example the no. 13 (is a prime number) represents the symmetry turns of the cube (tetra.7 , cube.13 , dodeca.21 = love-sense-wisdom.esoteric.femine : life.?mixed : (over)knowledge-illusion-delirium.male) , 666 = 6 × 111 = (2 × 3) × (3 × 37) ◄ in "my databases" the no 37 syncs with an egypts coat-horned head male "idiot"(read a lower level deity) , the Dim.6.Hi (read the 6-th density high - an upper instance of the 6-th density , it has something you know as a Hi-Devil** (an illusionist - who does not address this world directly) there (there's an oval window to higher/outer space from the doughnut cave he sits the center in - like in the phantom menace near opening scene negotiation room - only all dark/dim inside outside , muhahaa ← the past spirit travel memories) - so the 6 is a place enumerator not the "thing**" ) - you don't generate a new being by simply multiplying the FAR PTR-s (that are - likely-probable-occasional to) near to features - - a creature-spirit is created as a whole ("wave"(-set)-)loop of it's (including the probable possible states of) existence - by multiplying a partial feature pointers to near the feature - or even the whole wave loops - *** you apply a re-definition to a time - your time - of how you preceive those loop-waves - you don't create new time enclosed loop waves (the only beast here is that *** - and even this is too complex for a human to achieve - coz you don't have the variable definitions nor in real time access to - so you only can be afraid of the what if i managed that (? wouldn't it be fun/exciting, ?yes) blak) . . .
. . . whatever here're the speed test results - simulated - in real this particular DTL might not work at all at this supply range or may work a lot of slower coz of all the unidealized features represented . . .


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