Monday, January 9, 2017

"Flasher" revisited , DB3 spice programmatic model Test

The inverter v. of LED-Flasher . . . at various dev. stg.-s

The boost converter v. with new voltage reference

the new voltage reference

the next thing i actually built (*with protective fuse - not in simulation) - WYCIWYG . . . almost

. . . at both modes you mostly perceive the thing "blinking" - only the after-flash at second mode makes it some different from simple blinking . . . donno

! Note : * it is . . . wise to fuse the mains equipment  also as dumb as that coz - such being experimental you never be too careful to predict weld failure either caused by heating components or bad quality weld/materials . . . . . . . . . also when whatever fails and op.-l parameters exceed the intended design values they won't all burn off - extra to that i got the elongation wire with switch - so i can cut it manually every time there's even a slight suspicion something is about to go wrong


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