Thursday, September 28, 2017

automatic duty ratio control experiment

a definition correction :: the 555 acts as the 555 e.g. an inverting comparator with the high accuracy hysteresis relative to supply rails (however it's internal hw setup is similar to a window comparator namely an "outside the window comparator" - only it's comparators´outputs are not bound together by simple combinatorical (read: boolean algebraic) operation - which for outside the window comparator would be logical sum) - but instead they drive an RS-trigger which inverts the upper comparator output and remembers that output until the lower comparator triggers - then remembers it's output until the upper triggers - which in a sense of a window comparator would be - depending on input slope - an unidirectionally active operation of the pair of inverting and non-inverting comparators . . . the least however reduces to the case of a single comparator with relatively large hysteresis and inverting output

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