Monday, September 4, 2017

TL431 Spice model variants´ TEST

presented as we go
► 1-st

► 2-nd
► 2-nd - in detail
wider range
component level models (sub circuits compared)
the best - upper two are the attempts to achieve better precision×frequency-rejection //// the reverse Vref´s emitter (EB) diode in Rank#(7) is a contemporary relic from an attempt to force the "Hot Start" for U4,U5 . . .

pulse e.g. stepped load response
overall ranking so far ...
? best CLM-s !!! for static operation . . .
. . . for undefined input the U5 e.g. X4 is likely better choice /// might be quite expensive regulator as the RF transistors cost $ 0.2÷1.0 per pcs.  /// (i can't comment nor recommend nor reject the macro models - but usually they are too optimistic !!!)

hi, hi - UPS! seems i used Amps insted of milli-Amps
that re-ranks the rank back to "Static" -- the red box is "for super cool experiments only!!" . . .
. . . so U2 // X1 the best CLM !!!


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