Friday, August 25, 2017

LMxx39 Circus + 750ns & - 900ns Zero Cross


Ti provided Pspice thingy for LM339 (is annoyingly ▲impractical▲) + (some of the chip names might be erroneous) -- anyway a good question here is why that cfg. doesn't generate "timestep too small" error . . .

Ti LM339 behavioural model as the bottom plot -- interestingly -- the closest match to prev. does not appear to be the right transistor circuit - the LM239 - but instead my experimental design as LMx39 (respectively LM293 and LMx93 in simulation circuit - both are the component level models e.g. the sub circuits) . . .

Cross the Zero +700ns

making the src. (whitch is yet another variant of the Lim.- or the Window comparator) more practical

Cross the Zero -900ns

using the "slope detector" - the right - first occurring comp.-pair signal can be passed to outp (removes the "echo")


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