Wednesday, September 13, 2017

LM113 quest for practical use

what it seems by now is that utilizing the potential power of the chip requires the target oriented , also a clever and sophisticated "trick" -- not a straight forward block level design but the one that takes into account the specific nature of the LM113 in this case . . . i yet am to figure out both - the trick and the nature . . .

experiments ::

used as shunting regulator

d/s version
PS! altering the ellipsed values causes the circuit to become unstable/oscillate

combined trivia
used as zener

shared function in feedback chain

not used at all / instead we use positive error feedback here ▼

fast opening non-linear/log. bridge/circuit elements

used as zener -- OR -- if we consider the j-Fet´s V.gate = fn.(I.source) then seeing it upside-down it acts as shunting ref. functionally shunted to Op Amp OUTP or V.gate

j-Fet bridge


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